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Since 2013, Sarah has had hundreds of articles published on topics from navigating the property market to choosing a cabin for your next cruise. She has experience with both print and online publications in Australia and around the world. Sarah is available for freelance writing on travel, lifestyle, food, property, business, finance, local news and many other topics.

Please see below for examples of previous publications Sarah has worked with and a list of her published articles. Get in touch if you would like more information or to discuss a future article.

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Recently published articles

“Tourist in my town: Coolangatta Whale Watch” Blank Street Press, June, 2023.

“The Surfing Mums’ Club” We Are Explorers, May 2023.

“Tourist in my town: Halcyon House Escape” Blank Street Press, February, 2023.

Can I Visit Any Pacific Islands Right Now (and Should I?)” We Are Explorers, January 2022.

“10 Camping Gear Hacks For Adventure Parents” We Are Explorers, October 2021.

“Beach Hiking from Burleigh Heads to Snapper Rocks” We Are Explorers, October 2021.

The Ethics of Travelling to Aboriginal Communities in Post-Lockdown NSW” We Are Explorers, October, 2021.

“Discovering Indigenous Culture in lutruwita/ Tasmania” We Are Explorers, August, 2021.

“A Family-Friendly Road Trip Around Tasmania” We Are Explorers, July, 2021.

“Bushwalking and Brews in Tasmania” We Are Explorers, May, 2021.

“Q&A with Camel Man, John Elliott” We Are Explorers, April, 2021.

“Talking to Aboriginal Locals About Respectfully Exploring Arnhem Land” We Are Explorers, November 2020.

“Road Trip to East Arnhem Land” We Are Explorers, November 2020.

“Parental Leave Gap Year – Getting Paid to Travel With Your Baby” We Are Explorers, August 2020.

“Tourist In My Town: School Holiday Camping ESKape” Blank GC, June 2020.

“Best Spots for a 4WD Adventure Near Brisbane” We Are Explorers, January 2020.

“Tourist In My Town: The Star Gold Coast” Blank GC, November 2019.

Family Fun in Ipswich — Our Six Favourite Spots ellaslist, October 2019.

“The best animal encounters around Brisbane” ellaslist, October 2019.

“Where To Get The Best Hot Chocolate In Brisbane” ellaslist, October 2019.

“Tourist In My Town: Crystal Creek Rainforest Retreat” Blank GC, October 2019.

“The Best Beach Camping Spots Around Brisbane” ellaslist, October 2019.

“Where To See Brisbane’s Jacaranda Trees In Full Bloom” ellaslist, October 2019.

“Brisbane’s Best Dance Schools For Adults” ellaslist, October 2019.

“Family-Friendly Vaycay at Marriott Surfers Paradise” ellaslist, September 2019.

“9 Exciting Family-Friendly Adventures in Vanuatu” Vanuatu Travel, August 2019.

“Guide to Espiritu Santo” Vanuatu Travel, August 2019.

“Best Beaches and Spectacular Swimming” Vanuatu Travel, August 2019.

“Top 10 Tastes of Vanuatu” Vanuatu Travel, August 2019.

“20 Must-Do Activities in Vanuatu” Vanuatu Travel, August 2019.

“6 of the Most Fun Dining Experiences for Kids in Brisbane” ellaslist, July 2019.

“Brisbane’s Best Craft Classes for Kids” ellaslist, July 2019.

“Best Farm Stays for Families Around Brisbane” ellaslist, July 2019.

“The Best Drama Classes for Kids in Brisbane” ellaslist, July 2019.

“Top 6 Babymoon Ideas for Brisbane Mums-To-Be” ellaslist, July 2019.

“Where to go Whale Watching in South-East Queensland This Winter” ellaslist, July 2019.

“6 Best Gluten-Free Dining Options for Kids in Brisbane” ellaslist, July 2019.

“Tourist in My Town: Thunder Lake Spectacular” Blank GC, June 2019.

“Best Winter Bars in Sydney for Cosy Date Nights” ellaslist, June 2019.

“Best Bowling Alleys for Kids in Sydney” ellaslist, June 2019.

“Sydney’s Best Winter School Holiday Programs” ellaslist, June 2019.

“Best Plaster Painting Centres for Kids in Sydney” ellaslist, June 2019.

“Fanatical About Fiji” Haven Magazine, May 2019.

“Green Caffeen: The New Rent-a-Cup Coffee Scheme” ellaslist, May 2019.

“Tourist in my Town: South Stradbroke Island” Blank GC, May 2019.

“Spice World Revival: Your Chance to Stay in the Spice Girls’ Bus” ellaslist, May 2019.

“Best Music Classes for Toddlers and Preschoolers in Sydney” ellaslist, May 2019.

“Best Kids Theatre Shows for Winter in Sydney” ellaslist, May 2019.

“Cosiest NSW Cabins to Stay in this Winter” ellaslist, May 2019.

“Should There be a National School Starting Age?” ellaslist, May 2019.

“Research Shows Parents Work the Equivalent of Two Full-Time Jobs” ellaslist, May 2019.

“Australia’s First Urban Sky Park at Palm Beach” ellaslist, May 2019

“Sesame Street Desserts at New Sydney Cafe” ellaslist, May 2019.

“The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide” ellaslist, May 2019.

“Waterskiing on Australia’s Gold Coast”, May 2019.

“Top 6 TED Talks On The Alarming Effects of Screen Time” ellaslist, May 2019.

“How To Celebrate The 50-Year Anniversary Of The Moon Landing With Your Kids” ellaslist, April 2019.

“Where to waterski in Brisbane”, April 2019.

“Top 6 Babymoon Destinations for Sydney Mums-to-be” ellaslist, April 2019.

“What Playing Boardgames Does To Your Brain” ellaslist, April 2019.

“Tourist in my Town: Kookaburra Queen” Blank GC, April 2019.

“Cruising with Kids: Small Ship vs Megaship” ellaslist, March 2019.

“New Sydney Brewery  Catering to Families” ellaslist, March 2019.

“The Ultimate Guide to Watching the Moomba Masters 2020”, March 2019.

“Lego Masters With Hamish Blake Coming Soon To Channel 9” ellaslist, March 2019.

“FACT: Dinosaurs Make Your Kids Smarter” ellaslist, March 2019.

“Our Kids Are Not Spending Enough Time Outdoors” ellaslist, March 2019.

“This Is 2019’s Answer To Pokémon Go — Harry Potter: Wizards Unite” ellaslist, March 2019.

“Controversial Popcorn Initiative At Bondi Public School” ellaslist, March 2019.

“Do I Have Enough Money To Cover My Retirement?” PropertyMash, March 2019.

“10 Places Your Mortgage Will Be Cheaper Than Your Rent” PropertyMash, March 2019.

“Insider Tips To Help Maximise Capital Gains On Your New-build Home” PropertyMash, March 2019.

“5 Beachside Apartments You Can Buy For Under $500k” PropertyMash, February 2019.

“How Will the Federal Election Impact the Property Market” PropertyMash, February 2019.

“Tourist in my Town: Pot to Plate with Tweed Eco Cruises” Blank GC, February 2019.

“Could this Computer Game be the Future of New Homes?” PropertyMash, January 2019.

“Decluttering to Downsize: Should it Stay or Should it go?” PropertyMash December 2018.

“How to Live Mortgage Free” PropertyMash, October 2018. 

“Tourist in my Town: A Kayak to Remember” Black GC, October 2018.

“Downsizing: Apartment or Retirement Village?” PropertyMash, September 2018.

“Gold Coast: Boom or Bust?” PropertyMash, July 2018.

“How Do You Know When it is Time to Downsize?” PropertyMash, June 2018.

“Brisbane’s Top 5 Luxury Apartments Available to Buy Now” PropertyMash, June 2018.

“Tourist in my Town: Learning to Fly” Blank GC, May 2018.

“Six Ways to Cruise Green” Cruise Passenger, April 2018.

“Wines To Watch: Up-And-Coming Queensland Wines” Style Magazines, April 2018.

“The French Film Festival is coming to Brisbane” Style Magazines, March 2018.

“Brisbane’s Newest Foodie Trend: Deconstructed Dishes” Style Magazines, March 2018.

“The Ultimate Guide to Rainy Days in Brisbane” Style Magazines, March 2018.

“The Story Behind The Commonwealth Games: The Venues” Style Magazines, March 2018.

“9 Secret European Destinations To Add To Your European Bucket List” Style Magazines, March 2018.

“You New Fave Sports Bar Opens In Brisbane This Week!” Style Magazines, March 2018.

“10 Caves You Need To Visit Around Brisbane And Beyond” Style Magazines, February 2018.

“The Story Behind The 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games: The Fashion” Style Magazines, February 2018.

“Tourist In My Town: Wildlife, Wine and Cheese” Blank GC, March 2018.

“Could The Tiramisini Be Brisbane’s Best Cocktail?” Style Magazine, February 2018.

“Essential Items For Your Dubai Adventure” MyDubai, February 2018.

“The Ultimate Margaret River Road Trip” Style Magazines, February 2018.

“Fork Talk: Issue 33” Style Magazines, February 2018.

“Discover The Secret Snorkelling Spot One Hour From Brisbane” Style Magazines, January 2018.

“The Story Behind The 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games: The Medals” Style Magazines, January 2018.

“Top 5 Restaurants In Brisbane To Take A First Date” Style Magazines, January 2018.

“The Best Thing That Happened To Me Last Year” Style Magazines, January 2018.

“2018 Cruise Guide” Cruise News, MyCrusies, January 2018.

“Discover Dubai” MyDubai, January 2018.

“5 Ways To Make Sure You Give Back In 2018” Style Magazines, January 2018.

“Smash Your Goals In 2018 With These Brisbane Fitness Events” Style Magazines, January 2018.

“Best Family Holidays 2018” My Holiday Centre, January 2018.

“Top 7 Things To Do On Dubai Family Holidays” MyDubai, December 2017.

“8 Holidays You Must Book Now” Style Magazines, December 2017.

“Ultimate Happy Campers Gift Guide” Style Magazines, December 2017.

“Quirkiest Accommodation for your Aussie Staycay this Christmas” Style Magazines, December 2017.

“Tourist in my Town: A day out at the Macadamia Castle” Blank GC, December 2017.

“Honeymoon Cruises” Cruise News, MyCruises, November 1, 2017.

“Putting the luxury in luxury cruises” Cruise News, MyCruises, October 25, 2017.

“From our founder’s desk: Why we chose the NCL Hawaiian Cruise” Cruise News, MyCruises, October 2017.

“The good inside cabin guide” Cruise Passenger, July 2017.

“The best kids cruise free deals at sea” Cruise Passenger, July 2017.

“Six ways you can cash in on the soaring Aussie Dollar”  Cruise Passenger, July 2017.

“Best Drinks Package Deals at Sea” Cruise Passenger, July 2017.

“What’s not included on that all-inclusive luxury cruise”  Cruise Passenger, July 2017.

“15 Ways to Keep Fit on a Cruise Ship”  Cruise Passenger, June 2017.

“Watts Family Rescued by P&O”  Cruise Passenger, May 2017.

“Top Cruise Deals of the Week” Cruise Passenger, April 2017.

“8 Best Winter Cruise Itineraries” Cruise Passenger, April 2017.

“8 Gold Coast BBQ Spots With a View” Metropolist, January 2017.

“A Gold Coast Camping Adventure” Blank GC, January 2017.

“Outback Spectacular”  Blank GC, December 2016.

“Gold Coast’s Prettiest Walks” Metropolist, November 2016.

“NEWS: River Cruise Insurance”  Cruise Passenger, November 2016.

“Luxury Staycation in Brisbane”  Blank GC, November 2016.

“The Cruisers Sporting Guide to Choosing a Cruise” Cruise Passenger, October 2016.

“The Beginner’s Guide to Choosing a Cruise” Cruise Passenger, October 2016.

“Top Three Secret BBQ Spots on the Gold Coast!” Blank GC, September 2016.

“How Suite It Is….”  Cruise Passenger’s Cruise Planner 2016-17, p22.

“The Sky’s the Limit”  Cruise Passenger’s Cruise Planner 2016-17, p20-21.

“Dracula’s: The Retro Vampt Experience”  Blank GC, August 2016.

“All-Inclusive Vs Pay-As-You-Go: Verdict”  Cruise Passenger, July 2016.

“You Don’t Have to Run Away to Join the Circus”  Blank GC, July 2016.

“Tree Top Challenge and a Half!”  Blank GC, June 2016.

“Sandy Beaches and a Turquoise Ocean” Jersey Evening Post, 28th May 2016, p28-29.

“Girls’ Night in with a Difference” Blank GC, May 2016.

“Discovering Jersey: Channel Islands, UK.”, May 2016.

“Spoil Yourself on Mount Tamborine” Blank GC, April 2016.

“Tweed River Cruise” Blank GC, March 2016.

“Up, Up and Away” Blank GC, February 2016.

“French Skiing Destinations Within Driving Distance” Jersey Evening Post, November 21, 2015.

“An Adriatic Adventure Jersey Evening Post, August 8, 2015, p30-31.

“Sun, Surf and Yogis”, July 2015

“Crêpes, Châteaux – and a Campervan to Call Home”  Jersey Evening Post, May 16, 2015, p30-31.

“Top Tips for Getting your Land-Lovers Windsurfing” Boards Flat Water Annual, Spring/Summer 2015 – p174-175.

“Get Me Outta Here! The March Edition”, March 2015.

“Get Me Outta Here! The Ski Edition”, January 2015.

“Get Me Outta Here! The December Edition”, December 2014.

“I’m Dreaming of a… Green Christmas”, December 2014.

“The House Doesn’t Always Win”, November 2014.

“Get Me Outta Here! The November Edition”, November 2014.

“Get Me Outta Here! The Weekend Edition”, October 2014.

“Greek Summers and Terrible Jokes” Boards, September 2014.

“Get Me Outta Here! The September Edition”, September 2014.

“Wetsuits, Waves, and Weaver Fish”, September 2014.

“Get Me Outta Here! The August Edition”, August 2014.

“How to Fly for £17 Return”, May 2014.

“Getting to know the Locals”, February, 2014.

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