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Sarah Tayler Freelance Writer

“A self-professed word nerd, Sarah loves all things writing.”

Some editors say Sarah writes exactly how she talks—and she talks a lot.

Putting her natural talent for chatting to good use, she has been helping customers develop an engaging tone of voice and stand-out written content for many years.

A self-professed word nerd, Sarah loves all things writing and can adapt her style to suit the task at hand. No stranger to a pun or two, she can often be found laughing loudly to herself while typing away on her latest project.

As a freelance writer, she loves helping businesses communicate with their customers and putting down on paper the passion and enthusiasm that business owners have for their product.

With a wide range of experience over the last ten years, Sarah can relate to businesses large and small and help them reach their target audiences with clear, concise and engaging content.

If you need help with editing, ghostwriting, writing/editing website copy, social media strategy, advertising, marketing content, or getting your business in the local press, contact Sarah today.

Editing + Production Management

Sarah recently started a business specifically to help customers with their custom publishing needs.

Tweed Coast Media works across print and digital to create magazines, books, brochures, reports and case studies.

Head over to the website and check out the latest.

Custom Publishing | Print + Digital

Sarah Tayler writer, editor, production


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