Summer Cycles: A Two Wheeled Olympic Adventure

Sarah Loughlin follows the 2012 Olympic Road Race Route to explore the beautiful Surrey hills, the River Thames and the Royal Parks. There is nothing better than sailing past standstill traffic on your bike, feeling very smug from the cycle path, taking in a bit of sun and fresh air, while the angry car dwellersContinue reading “Summer Cycles: A Two Wheeled Olympic Adventure”

Get Me Outta Here! The December Edition.

Sarah Loughlin hunts down the best travel deals for holidays in December. Post Christmas blues can be a real downer. If you are reading this it probably means you have finished scoffing turkey and opening presents and you are now looking for something to keep you entertained until the New Year’s Eve celebrations commence. NewContinue reading “Get Me Outta Here! The December Edition.”

Get Me Outta Here! The November Edition.

Sarah Loughlin hunts down the best travel deals for holidays in November. Unless you have been locked in a darkened room for the last few weeks, you will have noticed its becoming decidedly wintery. Although this means that soon enough the ski resorts will start opening up, and the Christmas markets will be in full swing. ForContinue reading “Get Me Outta Here! The November Edition.”

How to fly for £17 return

Sarah Loughlin’s big top three for flights, hotels and holidays… I don’t know about you but if left unattended on the internet, after checking for any new Facebook notifications, I always end up holiday shopping. It might be a bit odd, but I think I enjoy researching holidays almost as much as going on them!Continue reading “How to fly for £17 return”

Go on Holiday while Saving the World

Sarah Loughlin explains how to swap your standing orders for jungle safaris by supporting social enterprises. With so many charities to choose from it can be difficult to know who to direct your philanthropy towards. I think everyone at some point has been approached on the street or watched a television advert telling them whatContinue reading “Go on Holiday while Saving the World”

Thank God It’s Tuesday

Sarah Loughlin ventures to Austria to discover the delights of après in Obergurgl Its 4am, my transfer coach leaves in 45 minutes. I stand in the kitchen of my sister’s hotel, scoffing cold left over noodles. Desperately trying to sober up  before I prepare to sneak back into the hotel room and pretend I haveContinue reading “Thank God It’s Tuesday”

Getting to Know the Locals

After three months of living in fear, Louisiana resident Sarah Loughlin decides it’s time to face North America’s biggest reptile. Palms sweaty. Hands shaking. I stand in the midday heat. ‘Pick it up.’ ‘No, I can’t, what if it bites me.’ ‘You’ll be fine, go on, just touch it.’ ‘Ohhh, look at its eyes though,Continue reading “Getting to Know the Locals”