Sarah vs. Shark: Surfing Down Under

With the recent rise in Shark attacks both in Australia and other parts of the world Sarah Loughlin finds out just how Sharky it really is out there.

Sun, Surf and Yogis

Sarah Loughlin ventures to Taghazout to check out the world famous waves and the developing surf culture in the small Moroccan town. There is nothing in life both as thrilling and frustrating as surfing. After spending the winter… Read More

Waves, Wetsuits and Weaver Fish

Sarah Loughlin travels to Cornwall in the sunny South-West of England to try her hand at surfing for the first time. ‘Pete….Pete…. Pst, Pete’ ‘What’ ‘I think I’ve been stung by a weaver fish’ ‘I doubt it, we haven’t been into… Read More

Get Me Outta Here! The August Edition.

Sarah Loughlin hunts down the best travel deals for holidays in August. One of the most frustrating things in life, second only to not being able to open a jam jar and losing your keys, is finding a… Read More