The beginners guide to choosing a cruise

It’s Plan A Cruise month and cruise newbies everywhere are knee-deep in cruise brochures trying to decide which cruise line to choose. As well traveled cruisers know, the cruise line is important – but don’t be fooled into thinking all cruise ships of the same line are created equal. Here are a few things toContinue reading “The beginners guide to choosing a cruise”

Get Me Outta Here! The Weekend Edition.

Sarah Loughlin hunts down the best travel deals for weekend breaks. Autumn is a time for weekend breaks. Not because weekends are particularly spectacular in autumn, but because you have run out of holiday allowance at work. Unless by some miracle you have been rationing your holidays like a sensible person, in which case I applaud you!Continue reading “Get Me Outta Here! The Weekend Edition.”

How to fly for £17 return

Sarah Loughlin’s big top three for flights, hotels and holidays… I don’t know about you but if left unattended on the internet, after checking for any new Facebook notifications, I always end up holiday shopping. It might be a bit odd, but I think I enjoy researching holidays almost as much as going on them!Continue reading “How to fly for £17 return”