Holiday Survival Guide

Sarah Loughlin talks to Joanne Reid Rodrigues, nutritionist and author of Slim, Happy Free about how to eat healthily while enjoying yourself on holiday. Hotel breakfasts will be the death of me. I am a sucker for a buffet. I promise… Read More

Eat, Drink and Discover Garda

Sarah Loughlin’s Top 10 things to do around Italy’s biggest Lake. If I am totally honest, before visiting Lake Garda I thought it was just for older people, but after experiencing it first hand it really does have… Read More

Mozart will not wait

Sarah Loughlin takes part in some of the local culture in the home town of the famous composer. Hammering the spike further into the barrel, he starts to decant the beer into large heavy stone mugs. The froth… Read More

A Royal Education

Sarah Loughlin reflects on cultural stereotyping after an interesting few hours in the Los Angeles bus station Standing between an Escalade and a Hummer, I flicker between wanting to laugh hysterically, and die of embarrassment. If only the… Read More