Waterski QLD

Waterski QLD Sarah Tayler website management and social media

Sarah worked with Waterski QLD to increase their social media following, update and improve their website, get local press coverage and implement Mailchimp to manage their email database and improve communication with subscribers.

She also helped increase revenue with the design, creation and sales of Waterski QLD merchandise, Facebook advertising to reach new skiers and increase event attendance, and getting new sponsors onboard to support events.

In 2016/17 Sarah helped the Waterski QLD team achieve a 29% increase in tournament entries compared to the previous year. Sarah increased engagement with the waterski community on social media by running photo contests at each event,  running a ‘Likeathon’ on Facebook, and creating Facebook events with inspirational photos and information. In 2016/17 the @Waterskiqld Instagram account following tripled and the hashtag #waterskiqld got over 400 posts.


Published by Sarah Tayler

British freelance writer based in Gold Coast, Australia.